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Translation Services

We, Europe Localizers, guarantee you a professional and certified translation services accompanied by the best proofreading services. Follow below so you can be filled in with what we have in our bag to offer.

The Translation Procedure

All of our language translation services are marked by our core value tenets: accuracy, expediency, and accountability, as we adapt to the changing needs of our customers across industry sectors who require translation services. This is regardless of whether translation services for documents or content localization are required.

Whether our clients require a quick translation (T), a thorough editing round to ensure your translation is ready for publication (TE), or an extra step of proofreading to check the language flow and relevant dialect fluency (TEP), our native professionals at Europe localize are industry-specific and experienced enough to assist with your translation needs by providing high-quality human translations using the most cutting-edge technology.

Quality Assurance

Most translation and localization service providers limit themselves to a three-step process of translation, editing, and proofreading, we, Europe Localize, go above and beyond. Europe Localize includes a step for content quality assurance in each of the aforementioned translation service combinations and after providing the best proofreading services.

Our translation services are also certified by the ISO 9001:2015 standard for Quality Management Systems, the ISO 17100:2015 standard for Translation Services, and the SAE J2450 Translation Quality Metric for optimal language and industry-specific results, and we measure every project deliverable against the Lean Six Sigma method.

Throughout the company’s history, Europe Localize translation services have demonstrated an way bigger commitment to quality, separating itself from competitors to become a market leader in Europe region and globally too.

The Selection of Linguists

If you have ever required translation services for your business, then you are aware that time and money constraints can force you to compromise on the quality of content localization. You might even prepare for the anticipated market loss before even commissioning a local company to oversee their translation services, settling for the next best thing while knowing that significant parts of their content will be lost in translation and their business will suffer eventually. Here, we come to work in different ways. We work with much many of professional linguists and passionate polyglots all over the world, and they all share one thing in common: a sense of responsibility for the written word. Word is our game!! we understand the significance of content localization, as well as what works in today’s market and how to deliver content localized in their native languages to their respective target audiences by being familiar and up-to-date with all the new methodologies and technologies that make the process much easier and error-free.

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Language Experts

Europe Localize believes that providing high-quality content localization and translation services to ambitious individuals, thriving small and medium-sized businesses, and global industries entails more than just selecting the right word and regurgitating messages. It necessitates contextual and marketing knowledge. Our goal is not simply to provide translation services, but rather to provide context preservation through the subtleties of language and dialect while maintaining market share. This requires craft, expertise, and flair. Our translators aren’t just fluent in the target languages. They are also highly educated, qualified language professionals who are specifically matched to your project due to their subject expertise. To ensure that our translation services are the best on the market, our translators must pass a series of linguistic and subject-specific tests before being considered for your project. Only those with a proven track record of excellence in a field of specialty relevant to your project and market will be assigned.

CAT Tools

We don’t deal with pets in translation. We deal with other kinds of CATs instead. CAT (computer assisted translation) tools are a great help to maintain content translation consistency throughout your multi-channel projects. Using the power of computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools, we improve our translation services with previously translated content stored in our translation memory (TM) database to decrease cost and increase translation consistency.

CAT tools we use:

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