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About Us

Europe Localize is your means to a global end.

Who are we?

We are an army of people from different cultures, backgrounds, and walks of life, capable of paving the road for you to see a clearer horizon and reach further destinations that were previously unchartered. That sounds like superhero work, so how do we do it?

Europe Localize is a translation agency that provides a variety of multilingual business solutions all with the aim of lifting your local business to a global pedestal. You may think that a translation agency only has translation services to offer, but not Europe Localize. 

Next to certified translation services, we offer comprehensive localization services across different media to support your business on all platforms. The type of your content doesn’t matter, and neither does the industry, Europe Localize provides diverse localization solutions for all types of content across all industries with pinpoint accuracy.

The talent of our exceptional global community of professionals contributes to the high quality of our work. They bring relevant industry experience to the table, as well as a wide range of knowledge of what to do and how to do it. Their vision for your translation projects aligns with ours as a company as well as yours as a client. We are here to help you book the ticket to the global market by communicating local.

Our Localization Solutions

We hold the pride to be one of the few companies around the world that can provide the full spectrum of translation services and localization services hand in hand and also in a wide range of languages across the globe.

We also provide transcreation, software localization and testing, multimedia localization, desktop publishing, localization consulting, voiceover, transcription, and document translation services

Translation Services

International Marketing

Transcreation Services

Voice-Over Services

Software and App Localization

M Translation Post Editing

Desktop Publishing

Website Translation

Video Translation Services

Localization Services

Technical Translation

Interpretation Services

International Customers
Language Experts

Frequently Asked Questions

Europe Localize is a first-liner translation agency and one of the best localization agencies when it comes to providing clients with cutting-edge translation and localization services and that is not a claim we take lightly.

We aspire for process improvement and what distinguishes our localization services is compliance with all localization industry standards, including ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Standards, ISO 17100:2015 Translation Services Standards, and SAE J2450 Quality Metric Standards. For the stars and nothing below, we aim.

We are one of the few translation agencies you can trust to provide certified translation services across all fields for your vital documents as well as the smallest bit of content you produce. Our number one target is customer satisfaction and that entails meeting any need your business has for localization services to help you reach the top.

We, Europe Localizers, are passionate about the translation and localization industry because of its diversity and ability to have a real impact. You can call us bridge builders who connect cultures, link businesses with their customers, facilitate international idea exchange, and globalize local achievements to reach beyond the seas and mountains and pass through the “glocal” community. 

We are where we are, as a localization services provider, because we are passionate about the translation and localization industry and adhere to the highest industry standards. At Europe Localize, we have expectations and we go beyond them almost every time, fueled with passion for languages towards the purpose of connecting cultures.

Through our centralized vendor management function, we provide professional and certified translation services with all its branches to European localization agencies. Such branches include document translation services for example. 

This allows them to connect their markets, services, and products with the global market. We also use cutting-edge technology to provide customized and cost-effective translation and localization strategies. As we stated above, our destination is the stars.

Compliance with ISO standards and the ITIL framework ensures not only the exceptional quality of our localization and translation services but also our effective project management and consistent customer satisfaction. 

Our account management team is made up of consultants who will quickly identify your specific needs, and our project management team is designed to work in close partnership with you, the customer, assisting you with their technical expertise wherever possible. 

On the other hand, our localization and translation services are set up and managed in accordance with the ITIL framework to ensure the highest level of responsiveness and effectiveness from our staff. These procedures ensure the smooth and stress-free collaboration you require.

Our Languages

As a bridge between cultures, Europe Localize provides localization and translation services in over 260 languages that connect you to different countries worldwide. With the help of our team of linguistic experts and subject matter professionals who ensure the technical and linguistic accuracy of our document translation services, we provide some of the best multilingual localization services in the industry. Here is a small look at some of the most popular languages among our clients: 

Europe Localize Industries

Europe Localize is a top provider of translation and localization services for businesses in all industries, depending on multilingual teams of subject matter experts in every field to produce accurate document translation services that reflect the specific terminology and technical lingo of various industries. Take a look at some of our industries and for more insight of the industries we support, visit our industries page!

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