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Software Translation Services

Europe Localize is ready to help you reach out to new markets with accurate software translation services including website and app localization, multilingual SEO, and coding. Get in touch with our team now and get started on your next project!

Software Translation Services To Harness Technology’s Potential

Software is the tool that bridges companies and their international users.  With a knowledgeable translation agency providing software translation services with pinpoint accuracy, companies can launch software worldwide with translated experiences that perform as intended in any language.

Because poor translation can damage a brand, confuse users, and undermine key features, Europe Localize goes above and beyond to ensure high-quality software translation services as well as app localization services by combining human and machine translation with extensive testing and proofreading. We are a favored choice for software developers because we understand software localization needs, handling regional adaptations of content, design, and more for software that will resonate globally all while maintaining a scalable, consistent translation process to meet tight deadlines and budgets.

Software localization projects, like other types of technology, may be intricate and stressful. But when it comes to our translation agency, Europe Localize provides the best software translation services process, which includes initial consultation, localization, and functional testing. Only a professional translation agency like Europe Localize can offer you the services of experts with deep experience translating complex technical interfaces and code into multiple languages fluently and accurately.

Software Localization From A Place Of Trust

The process of adapting software to the language, cultural, and technological needs of the end user’s location is known as software localization. To master software localization, a translation agency must be well-versed in measuring standards, video and graphic design, and other types of content production. 

Europe Localize is a translation agency that provides the best software translation services, including initial consulting, localization, and functional testing. With our professional software translation services, software developers can rest assured the final content development will perform as if it were built in the user’s home country because Europe Localize prioritizes such a smooth transition for software localization as well as app localization

Our software localization projects are frequently undertaken concurrently with the development of the source product to allow for the simultaneous distribution of all language variants and our methodology guarantees the greatest software localization results, ensuring that standalone and embedded software is linguistically correct and culturally suitable. We have the power to give your software a home in over 180 languages worldwide.

More Industries Supported By Europe Localize

Europe Localize offers translation and localization solutions for companies across industries. From technology to healthcare, finance to eCommerce, Europe Localize helps enterprises adapt software, websites, marketing, legal, and operational materials into any language worldwide. Our broad experience translates content and reaches users wherever they are on the globe.

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Software Localization: A Game We’re Pros At

Whether we’re creating a build environment, resizing boxes, fixing bugs, managing version control, writing test scripts, testing, or taking screenshots, Europe Localize’s engineers and content development professionals combine the most advanced technological knowledge in the industry with a focus on quality and client satisfaction.

Beginning with project analysis, the expert team of our translation agency considers your objectives and goals while developing the testing strategy and defining the test cases, setting up test environments, and bug process strategies. Throughout the project, an ideal QA crew is recruited and trained to conduct testing, maintain correct documentation, and generate translation memory.

With the help of a combination of human translators and machine translation tools, our translation agency is known to achieve fast, affordable, and precise software localization results. With our eight-step testing methodology, choosing Europe Localize for your software localization and testing project protects your software experience as our translation agency is one of the greatest software localization and internationalization companies in the region.

Software Translation Services

Our App Localization Expertise

Everything we desire is now just a single tap away, thanks to smartphone applications. Every day, app developers create more applications for everything, resulting in a multibillion-dollar business. Your successful app in your native country has the potential to be the next big thing in international markets.

App localization, or the addition of various language support in your app, results in more relevant experiences for global consumers and more downloads and revenues for your app. In fact, translating your program into various languages delivers a 26% boost in income and 128 percent higher downloads per nation on average. This is all possible through our translation agency!

Europe Localize has you covered whether you need an iOS or Android app. We’ve worked on a wide range of projects, from banking and business apps to eCommerce, games, and more. We’ve worked on projects of different sizes and complexity, across several industry verticals. Each app is unique and necessitates a unique strategy. Keeping this in mind, we tailor our workflows to the needs of each app within our app localization services and through our translation agency.

Various Business Solutions For Software Companies

Europe Localize aims to be an end-to-end software internationalization partner. We have experience translating, localizing, and testing software for many major technology companies around the world, enabling successful global launches. 

In addition to providing translation for all types of software including web apps, mobile apps, desktop software, and eLearning software, we also handle both front-end and back-end software localization needs to enable software that works seamlessly in any language environment. We provide localization services such as cultural adaptation, testing, optimization, and linguistic verification. We support software companies with more solutions than software translation services and that’s what makes us shine as a translation agency.

Software Translation Services

Europe Localize Software Localization Expertise

Our vast group of translators and their particular understanding of the technological and software sectors, as well as many years of professional translation experience, enables us to be the best software translation agency in the region. We are the best providers of software translation services around so get us on the dial screen and let’s get to business!

Software Translation Services In 180+ Languages

Europe Localize offers professional software translation services in over 180 languages worldwide. We have the experience and resources to translate software into virtually any language that companies need to reach their global audiences and we specialize in accurately translating software interfaces, code, documentation, and all content into high-quality, localized versions, aiming to translate the meaning, not just the words, to ensure an optimal localized experience for international users. 

The name of our translation agency suggests that we level the field in only one continent of the world but don’t let it fool you, Europe Localize has provided precise software translation services for companies around the world, covering over 180 languages with consistent translations courtesy of our local translators scattered around the globe to provide deep expertise transforming software into any language.

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