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Software Translation

Reach out to new markets with our software translation services, which include website language localization, multilingual SEO, layout and desktop publishing, website content localization, and more!

Software Translation Services

Software translation projects, like other types of technology, may be intricate and stressful. But when it comes to our translation agency, Europe Localize, we provide the best software localization services process, which includes initial consultation, localization, and functional testing. Reach out to new markets with our software translation services, which include website language localization, multilingual SEO, layout and desktop publishing, website content localization, and more!


The process of adapting software to the language, cultural, and technological needs of the end user's location is known as software translation. It comprises measuring standards, video and graphic design, and other types of content production. With the help of experienced software translation services, the final content development will perform as if it were built in the user's home country. This smooth transition is critical for software localization or app localization.

Traditional translation is usually done after the source document has been finished. There is a certain program and technology that is employed. Software translation projects are frequently undertaken concurrently with the development of the source product to allow for the simultaneous distribution of all language variants.

Europe Localize is a software translation agency that provides the best software localization services, including initial consulting, localization, and functional testing. Our methodology guarantees the greatest software localization results, ensuring that standalone and embedded software is linguistically correct and culturally suitable. We further assist you in localizing into more than 100 languages which are supported by our translation agency.

Whether we're creating a build environment, resizing boxes, fixing bugs, managing version control, writing test scripts, testing, or taking screenshots, Europe Localize’s engineers and content development professionals combine the most advanced technological knowledge in the industry with a focus on quality and client satisfaction.

Beginning with project analysis, the expert team of our translation agency considers your objectives and goals while developing the testing strategy and defining the test cases, setting up test environments, and bug process strategies. Throughout the project, an ideal QA crew is recruited and trained to conduct testing, maintain correct documentation, and generate translation memory.

With our eight-step testing methodology, choosing Europe Localize for your software translation and testing project protects your software experience as our translation agency is one of the greatest software localization and internationalization companies in the region.

App Localization

Everything we desire is now just a single tap away, thanks to smartphone applications. Every day, app developers create more applications for everything, resulting in a multibillion-dollar business.

Your successful app in your native country has the potential to be the next big thing in international markets. App localization, or the addition of various language support in your app, results in more relevant experiences for global consumers and more downloads and revenues for your app. In fact, translating your program into various languages delivers a 26% boost in income and 128 percent higher downloads per nation on average. This is all possible through our translation agency!

Apps We Support

Europe Localize has you covered whether you need an iOS or Android app. We’ve worked on a wide range of projects, from banking and business apps to eCommerce, games, and more. We’ve worked on projects of different sizes and complexity, across several industry verticals. Each app is unique and necessitates a unique strategy. Keeping this in mind, we tailor our workflows to the needs of each app within our app localization services and through our translation agency.

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We have a vast group of translators with particular understanding in the technological and software sectors, as well as many years of professional translation experience, all of whom work in their native language at Europe Localize. Our software translation service can guarantee translations that are not only linguistically correct but also devoid of cultural mistakes due to our skilled linguists, in-house vendor management, and technological help. We are the ones that will fulfil any deadline, no matter how tight it is. Now get us on the dial screen and let’s do business!

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