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Subtitling Services

Subtitles have a lot to do with audience perception. Although the purpose of the description is different, these elements display a textual description on the screen.

Subtitling Services

Subtitles are for decoding the audio portion of a video project. The description uses the same language as the environment. Subtitles, on the other hand, provide a translated version of the conversation as a text description on the screen for viewers unfamiliar with the language used in the conversation. So, the distinction between the two is important. And Europe Localize takes a deep dive into subtitling translation services.

Benefits of Subtitling Translation

Captions provide additional benefits while increasing the availability of video content to reach a larger audience. In addition to helping viewers keep up with video content even when audio is unavailable due to technical issues or noisy environments. On social media platforms, videos are audio muted by default, here subtitles or subtitling translation help viewers understand the video content displayed in the news feed.

Globalization has increased the need to use video translation subtitling for the visual content as part of localization processes. Translation and localization companies like Europe Localize regularly use subtitles to translate their customers’ video content. Companies and other organizations understand the importance of making content more accessible through translation services.

Furthermore, Closed Captioning for the Hearing Impaired expands its capabilities by allowing deaf people to access content in multiple languages.


Why You Need Subtitling Translation?

The importance of subtitles and subtitling translation play a main role in boosting viewer engagement, content creation, search engine optimization (SEO), and content discovery.

Some viewers may not understand video content due to disabilities or language barriers. And this is when the importance of a subtitle translator rises on the surface. Adopting an inclusive approach is critical for public and private organizations, thanks to globalization.


Viewer Engagement

Audience engagement is essential, especially on social media. Your target audience will be able to watch the video in silent mode, which should include a text description. This scenario applies to platforms like Twitter and Facebook that automatically play video without audio. Creators, on the other hand, can make use of subtitling translation to engage viewers on these social media platforms.

Marketing and Content Creation

Further, subtitling translation can hugely help in video marketing. Your company’s marketing campaign certainly would contain videos. And such marketing campaign could go further places if it holds more than the native language it was created in.


Search engine optimization improves the visibility of multimedia content on the Internet. So, adding subtitling translation to your video makes it easier to broaden your audience and achieve specific goals. More and more Internet users find content organically. Search engines like Google and Bing rely on text descriptions to understand the topics covered in the video.

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Experience is Key

To achieve the desired results, the appropriate video frames to start and end the captioning or subtitling translation needs to be selected accurately. Mistiming the subtitles ruins the viewer`s experience. This is why you need an experienced subtitle translator with up-to-date skills and cutting-edge tools. Videos with a panel of speakers or a faster pace can be more challenging to handle. An increased number of words compete for screen space. Experts at Europe Localize, a translation and localization services provider, can identify the ideal frames to fit the subtitles and appropriate timing sequences to ensure that the descriptions appear and disappear in harmony with the scenes. Depending on the speed of the content and the number of words used in the conversation, we may need to shorten the description without losing the meaning of the conversation. On the other side, subtitling translation for adults and children are different. Similarly, while professional subtitles may contain technical terms and acronyms, a different approach is used for general audience subtitles. This is the reason why we consider the target audience and purpose of the video we perform subtitling translation on.

Now comes the time when you book a ticket to success by considering putting video translation subtitling into use through your next project with Europe Localize! Reach us now and let’s do business.

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