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Life Sciences Translation

Europe Localize is the best translation agency to provide scientific translations while ensuring your information is translated with perfect accuracy and clarity by experts who are well-versed in both your target language and the life sciences business.

100% Accurate Scientific Translations

The life sciences field is a field of constant improvements on which researchers from all over the world need to be updated, which requires a translation agency well-versed in the scientific field to be able to provide accurate scientific translations for new findings in as many languages as possible.

Europe Localize is a translation agency seasoned in different fields and we provide medical and life sciences translations with the highest accuracy rates, depending on our long expertise in the field. Our translation agency employs multilingual subject matter experts in medicine, pharmaceuticals, clinical testing, medical device production, and other fields that fall under the life sciences umbrella.

Our translators are well-versed in the life sciences field and its regulatory standards which makes them able to provide both scientific translation and medical translation effortlessly in no time while ensuring quality. Depending on the expertise of our seasoned translators in the life sciences field, our translation agency takes special care to offer life sciences translations that are clear to foreign experts in the field, with perfectly translated terminology and science-specific terms.

Europe Localize Domains Of Specialty

Europe Localize supports businesses with more than just scientific translations. We have subject matter experts in every field, offering comprehensive translation services for scoping every industry with capable and professional translators who have the experience to provide accurate translations in your industry of choice, helping your business compete globally without taking a step outside of your own office. Take a look at some of the industries Europe Localize supports:

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What Kind Of Scientific Translations?

The life sciences field is an umbrella term that includes many sectors and each sector requires accurate scientific translations with the right terminology that makes sense in the target language to the experts in said sector. Europe Localize covers each sector with accurate translations and here are the fields we’re frequently supporting with life sciences translations

Our translation agency provides assistance to clinical research organizations in all parts of their business. Europe Localize knows the complexities of project management, which involves a large number of essential stakeholders as well as tight regulatory scrutiny. 

Our streamlined translation and project management processes make coordinating your localization initiatives a breeze. We also work hard to provide scientific translations as well as ensure that your documents are delivered on time and with complete precision, allowing you and your clients to concentrate solely on your work.

Do you have a unique medical gadget that can benefit people all around the world? Our translation agency can localize all elements of devices and software while collaborating creatively with you to obtain the best potential outcomes. 

As an ISO-certified translation agency, Europe Localize can guarantee high-quality scientific translation and medical translation outcomes to ensure that your product is localized for a worldwide market. We are able to create user manuals, technical specifications, software interfaces, subtitles, and even more.

In the high-stakes world of pharmaceuticals, any misstep may be expensive at best and life-threatening at worst. Our translation agency follows all of the industry's standard operating processes to assure the highest quality and consistency in providing accurate medical translations while delivering results on time, every time. 

Europe Localize can quickly and easily translate everything from permission paperwork to patents. Our translation agency is the perfect one-stop shop for all the localization requirements of large pharmaceutical companies.

Europe Localize is a one-of-a-kind translation agency that uses medical specialists directly in the medical translation process. Medical professionals are the most informed about domain-specific language and understand how an industry communicates about its subject matter. 

However, medical specialists have been unable to assist in medical translation services until now. Europe Localize is the first translation agency that provides a platform for life science specialists to contribute to public understanding and global progress by translating industry-specific material. There is no better way to improve translation quality than to have people who are enthusiastic about the subject matter undertake the translation themselves.

Internationalize With Europe Localize!

At Europe Localize, we have an army of human translators with specific knowledge in the life sciences industries, as well as many years of professional translation experience, who all work in their native language. Because of our professional linguists, in-house vendor management, and technological assistance, our translation agency can assure translations that are not only linguistically correct but also free of cultural errors. No matter how tight the deadline is, we are the ones to meet it. Now press the button and let's get down to business!

More Than Scientific Translation Services

A business in any field looking to go global is going to need more than translation services from a capable translation agency. Europe Localize offers you the globalization full package that helps you internationalize your customers’ or partners’ entire experience with more than just the translation of text. We handle everything from the multilingual marketing of your medical devices to the localization of your medical website to interpretation services to assist you in multinational medical events. Get in touch with Europe Localize now and see how we can help you!

Scientific Translations In 260+ Languages

Europe Localize is a multilingual translation agency that covers over 260 languages across the globe to allow you as a part of the life sciences field to spread your knowledge and elevate the global standing of your brand with the perfect scientific translations in your language of choice. What makes Europe Localize especially great to count on is that we provide medical translation and life sciences translation with the same consistent quality across all our covered languages. Our covered languages include but are not limited to:

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