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Our script translators help you secure international success in the media industry with accurate script translations, authentic to your target language and culture to engage the maximum amount of audiences worldwide.

Script Translations Tailored For International Audiences

Films and videos are a safe bet to invest your money in because one thing you can be sure that people will indulge in no matter the circumstances is media entertainment. This means that you can’t keep providing your media content in only one language, knowing it could engage and capture the attention of millions of people from different backgrounds if only they understood your content. 

Getting script translations immediately grants you a place in the race to globalization and ensures that the meaning of your work is not lost on foreign audiences and your job is to find a reputable translation agency to handle your script translation from A to Z. A vital factor you should consider when you’re choosing a translation agency is how their script translators actually produce script translations, whether they’re native translators who have the background information to reach the minds of native audiences. 

Europe Localize’s movie translators do not only produce script translations that follow the text to the letter, they offer script translations that transfer the very soul of your work to international audience, customizing the magical experience of your content to suit each country’s intellectual and cultural differences. Mistakes in script translation could sever the connection between you and your audience which is why our script translators are trained to tailor your script translation to your target audience to avoid causing any unnecessary miscommunication. 

What Kind Of Script Translations?

Scripts are a vital part of movies but that’s not the only place where scripts are used. Any piece of media content has a written script in which descriptions of how the media content goes are detailed. This means that script translations don’t only include the work of movie translators who make sure the script of any film is made available in as many languages as possible. Script translation is needed for international television series, international documentaries, international interviews and even international corporate videos but you don’t have to worry because Europe Localize is a translation agency that has it all! Our script translators are experienced on providing script translations for any of these media types.

Any film is a kind of message between the creator and the audience and if the creator wants to expand their audience base, they need to get script translations from a translation agency that respects their message and transfers it authentically between the source language and the target language. Our movie translators are experts at offering script translations that maintain the tone, purpose and spirit of the original script. Europe Localize’s movie translators have a way with words that makes your international audience feel as if your movie was written solely for them to enjoy.

TV series are more interwoven with specific cultures than movies, which makes producing accurate script translations for them a challenge but not with Europe Localize. Our script translators are aware that script translation for TV series takes more than just transferring the meaning of words, it involves different linguistic techniques that help foreign audiences resonate with the series they are watching as if they are native. Translating comedic elements, cultural notions or native folklore songs is done by our script translators with the utmost care to keep the value of the series content strong and impactful.

Documentaries are a kind of factual report on a specific subject, watched by everyone in the world because they are educational and thrilling. Such a purpose means that documentaries almost always need accurate script translations in as many languages as possible to quench the thirst for knowledge of audiences worldwide. Our script translators are subject matter experts who provide precise script translations regardless of the subject of the documentary, using equivalent terminology and expressions to eradicate the language barrier completely and allow audiences to make the most of your documentary. 

Interview scripts are indispensable no matter the field they belong to and Europe Localize is the comprehensive translation agency you need to provide interview script translations that encompass all the technical and field-specific details in all the languages you need. Our script translators are especially experienced in this type of script translation because interviews are often needed to be translated and subtitled to keep up with the events taking place in the world across all fields. Interview script translation is also the most critical because one mistake could lead to drastic consequences. Europe Localize’s script translators are aware of such a fact and accordingly, they translate interview scripts with precision and care to ensure that no misunderstandings happen.

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Europe Localize is an international translation agency with professional script translators from all over the world, helping compete in international festivals with your content by providing accurate script translations in over 180 languages worldwide. Our pride as a translation agency is that our movie translators have experience working on award-winning script translations, covering over 180 languages with native accuracy. Following is a list of some of our most sought languages when it comes to script translation:

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