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Movie Translation

Europe Localize gives you the chance to gain a global fanbase with the perfect movie translation services, produced by professional movie translators whose job is to localize the essence of your movie, allowing viewers from all over the world to enjoy it.

Movie Translation Services For World-Famous Movies

To be part of the pop culture is to be immortalized forever in the minds of people whether young or old. Movies stay in people’s memories when they understand them, feel them and reflect them in their everyday lives and that’s what makes the pop culture of any era. A magic pathway that connects movie makers to viewers from every place they wish to reach is movie translation services. In short, movie translation services are the mouthpiece of any movie that allows the true message of the movie to shine through and ensures it acheives the maximum amount of entermainment for viewers around the world. If your movie has a strong impact in your native language, that impact can be multiplied a dozen times with the right movie translation services provided by a translation agency seasoned in the field of entertainment.

Go Global With Europe Localize’s Movie Translators

As a translation agency that has been a constant success-bringer in the entertainment industry and depends mostly on experienced movie translators from different countries, Europe Localize takes the matter of providing movie translation services very seriously. Our film translators are trained from the day they are hired to match scripts not only word-for-word but also feeling-for-feeling! Next to scripts, movies are made up of background music, inferred meanings and culture-specific notions that need special skills to translate, which is something our movie translators have in abundance. Not only are they language experts but they are excellent at reading hidden meanings and transferring them among different cultures, exploiting their native knowledge of different languages to ensure that your target audience resonate with your movie. Our movie translation services cover all genres of movies with the same consistent authenticity to the source material but enhance its impact according to the target audience.

Movie Translation Services For All Movie Genres

From fantasy to action, romance to comedy, every genre requires a specific taste of viewers and a special effort in translation of movie translators. What makes one translation agency different from another is how their film translators handle translating movies for certain genres, tailoring the movie translation services to fit the target language as well as the movie content. Europe Localize trains movie translators in different fields of expertise to translate words or expressions or even abstract ideas correctly in the target language in a way that matches the genre of the movie. Our movie translators have the perfect word-choice for every situation and in every setting, translating scripts according to the context of scenes and in a way that feels natural for foreign viewers.

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The Full Movie Translation Services Experience

Subtitling movies is almost a must in this day and age because it makes your movie ultimately more accessible, it allows people with hearing problems to enjoy your movie and it helps foreign viewers keep up or it could even benefit people who want to learn your language. In any case, movie translators must be technically adept at synching a perfectly translated script to what’s happening on the screen.

Some viewers prefer their movies dubbed or with voiceover which could prove to be a challenge for an average translation agency. Lucky for you, Europe Localize is way above average! Our movie translators are experienced in the field of voiceover, providing dubbing of the best quality, a voice that captures tone, thoughts and cultural background perfectly.

Closed captions are the more detailed version of subtitles because our movie translators don’t stop at captioning dialogue or conversation but they capture any audio source in your movie to assist your viewers who are hard of hearing. Having captions that tells them what exactly is happening and what it sounds like helps them enjoy every aspect of your movie without any obstacle that takes away from the experience. Ultimately, depending on a translation agency to provide closed captions for your movie is a necessary step to make your movie a worldwide sensation enjoyed by all.

International Movie Translation Services

Your movie has a better chance at competing in different festivals and award shows if you expose it to more people from different backgrounds. This entails hiring a translation agency that provides movie translation services for many languages with consistent quality. Europe Localize’s movie translators are linguistic experts in over 260 languages which makes them proficient in providing movie translation services that help your movie win international awards. Take a look at some of the most requested language when it comes to movie translation services but keep in mind that it is only a small glimpse of what our translation agency is capable of!

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