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Film Translation Services

Europe Localize gives you the chance to translate your film professionally to appeal to viewers around the world in over 180 languages with the help of film translators who are cinephiles themselves to ensure your film script is flawless to your target audience.

Take Center Stage With Our Film Script Translation Services

The film industry is as old as time and entertainment is a universal notion sought out by everyone worldwide. Who of us doesn’t want to kick back and relax after a long day of work and enjoy a film that speaks to us in the same language?

To make that vision a possibility, Europe Localize provides filmmakers from all over the world with film script translation services that help them get their vision across to viewers of different ethnicities.

Our goal as a translation agency is to make sure that the impact of your film is not diminished when it’s transferred to different cultures and we do this by employing film translators from every culture to know best how to enhance the influence of your work and ensure it leaves a mark on viewers.

Simply speaking, if your film is good, it will be a local success for your original target audience. But if your film is translated by a capable translation agency that provides comprehensive video and film translation services, then your film will be an instant success on the global stage, watched and enjoyed by millions of viewers from different places in the world.

By getting Europe Localize’s film script translation services, you’re not only ensuring that your audience understands the spoken language in the film, but you’re also offering them a unique experience of watching a work of art that reflects their culture, their habits, and their heritage. Our film translators are experienced in the field of reflecting the soul of your film in as many languages as you require.

All-Genre-Inclusive Film Script Translation Services

Films are much like translation in the way they encompass a world within a world. To translate films correctly and efficiently, our film translators have to have an impressive amount of expertise in any and all fields because the diversity of the film industry is what makes films awesome! One scene could be in the depths of a manufacturing factory, using terminology that is only relatable to those who are actively working in the field while the next scene could take place at the beauty salon, throwing terms here and there that are only familiar to stylists and beauty professionals. 

As a seasoned translation agency in the business of providing perfect film script translation services, Europe Localize employs film translators who are also subject matter experts in any industry you can think of, capable of matching the effort you put into every scene with high-quality translations that give off the same energy. Our film translators are also adept at translating film scripts for any type of film in any genre. Be it short films, documentaries, videos, TV shows or series, or blockbuster films, our film translators have worked on it and delivered worldwide-satisfactory translations.

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What Video and Film Translation Services Exactly?

Film script translation services is an umbrella term that includes various solutions to help you make your film international. Based on demographic and cultural factors, some countries prefer to have their films dubbed which means that someone translates the spoken words verbally while the original sound of the film is muted.

Some countries prefer voiceover translation, which differs from dubbing in only one factor which is the original sound of the film. In voiceover, the background sound of the film is turned down but still audible as opposed to being completely muted like in dubbing. Other countries prefer their films subtitled, and even then there’s still a difference in whether they like foreign subtitles or same-language subtitles.

To match the variety of video and film translation services, Europe Localize employs film translators of the highest caliber to conduct these different types of film script translation services based on the location of your target audience and the type of translation service they prefer. For example, European countries are oscillating between subtitling and dubbing.

Countries like Italy, France, Germany, and Spain strongly prefer dubbing while countries like Denmark, Sweden, Finland, The Netherlands, and Portugal lean more towards subtitling. Europe Localize is an experienced translation agency that can help you determine which solution to go with from our film script translation services with the help of our accomplished film translators. All you have to do is get in touch!

International Award-Winning Film Script Translation Services

Awards know no language, they only recognize the quality of your work and how many people it managed to influence. Europe Localize works on the influencing part of this equation, helping you ensure your film reaches the eyes and ears of as many countries as it can. Our film translators are linguistic experts in over 180 languages which means that your film is guaranteed to make an impact in the lives of billions of viewers who speak these different languages. Take a look at some of the most requested languages of our translation agency but be sure that this is only the tip of the iceberg!

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