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Hungarian Translation Services

As one of the most trusted translation agencies in Europe, Europe Localize provides its customers with excellent Hungarian translation services. If you are looking for a professional Hungarian translator or English to Hungarian translator, then you are in the right place.

A+ Hungarian Translation Service: The Perfect Solution to All Your Hungarian Project Troubles!

As a member of the Uralic languages family, The Hungarian Language is the main language in Hungary and parts of various neighboring areas. It is a language that is known for its popularity amongst many communities around the world, and the number of people learning it is on the rise with every passing second.

The Hungarian language is widely spoken by 17 million native speakers and in other places, such as the United States and Canada, where over half a million members of the Hungarian diaspora use it on a daily basis.

This contact between the North American culture and the Hungarian culture ultimately leads some individuals and businesses to seek and rely on the services of professional English to Hungarian translators and vice versa, and subsequently, seeking the help of professional language services providers such as Europe Localize.

Being part of our creed to connect the dots and close the gaps, at Europe Localize we support several forms of certified Hungarian translation services to help our clients maintain strong connections with their old customers and attract new ones to their brands by speaking to them in their own tongue.

Our Hungarian translation service is trusted by our clientele and is always praised to be the most accurate, cost-effective, and comprehensive they ever got, compared to all other translation agencies in Europe, and, proudly the whole world. For over a decade, our teams have managed to serve over 6000 international customers in more than 125 countries, including well-known and world-leading establishments and organizations, such as Zoom, Microsoft, and Google.

At Europe Localize, we are always looking for the satisfaction of the many, the few, and the individual. This is why if you are looking for spending some quality time in Hungary, Europe Localize is pleased to provide you with a professional, on-demand Hungarian translator to accompany you and make your experience easier. 

A Shape-shifting Hungarian Translation Service for a Shape-shifting Taste

The world is in an ever-shifting state, which puts the translation industry in a never-ceasing advancement. As one of the pioneering translation agencies in Europe, Europe Localize is always on the move to provide its customers with all the Hungarian translation services they need, even the ones they don’t know they need just yet.

We offer you a variety of certified Hungarian translation services, in addition to other languages that pair with Hungarian, to help you reach your Hungarian audience and the rest of the world by delivering your message for you. So, if you need an English to Hungarian translator, a Hungarian to English translator, or any language pair translator, we got your back.

Here is a quick look at our Hungarian translation and localization services:

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Frequently Asked Questions about Our Hungarian Translation Services

Europe Localize is a translation, localization, and internationalization services provider that operates in Europe and can deliver its language services to any other place in the world. We are driven by the sole purpose to bridge the gap between different nations and make our clients’ translation problems a blast from the past.

Our home hires thousands of exceptional and hardworking native translators, who are always ready to support your business, no matter what the scale of your project is. We provide translation and localization services in over 160 languages and 3000 language combinations, serving more than 6000 customers worldwide.

Besides being one of the few competent translation agencies in Europe, being a certified Hungarian translation service provider allows us to give you exceptional quality as well as effective project management, and more than satisfactory experience. By partnering with us, you undoubtedly guarantee that your business will go global faster than in a blink of an eye.

How many can you count? As a professional translation services provider, it is a given that we must always be ready for any challenge. Thus, we cover all sorts and kinds of translations for basic industries, such as: medical translations, life science translations, games translations and localization, financial translations, literary translations, and any other field you need.

The best rates in the market, compared to other translation agencies in Europe and the world. When it comes to pricing, we take pride in taking the transparency approach with our clients.

Our Hungarian translation services, and all other services, are based on per-word rate, which depends mainly on the source and the target materials as well as the number of pages and the industry in question, but once we send you a quote, there are no extra fees.

Easy! All you have to do is click on the “Get a Quote” button on the top left. This will take you through a simple process of filling in some important information. Once our team receives your request, we will send your file for assessment.

 Once done, our team manager will contact you and walk you through the details, including the price, the amount of time it will take to finish the job, and the suitable Hungarian translator for you. 

At Europe Localize, we implement advanced translation technologies to enable a brilliant Hungarian translator to shine even more and guarantee state-of-the-art quality for your Hungarian translation service.

Our kit of software tools includes a variety of CAT tools, such as: SDL Trados Studio, Across, MemoQ, Transit, Idiom, and other tools that are safe and secure.    

At Europe Localize, we guarantee that you get:

  • Superfast Workflow
  • Wholesale Pricing
  • Adaptive Solutions
  • Innovative Translations
  • Security
  • 24/7 Responsiveness
Hungarian Translation Services

Crafty Hungarian Translation Service by Subject Matter Experts

Finding the right person, or people, for the job could be a bit handful, especially when your time is not your own. At Europe Localize, we house thousands of language specialists and subject-matter experts for you, so you can choose the one English to Hungarian translator who best suits your needs from.  We take pride in asserting that all of our team members have undergone translation competence tests to ensure that their translations are all in compliance with each market’s specific language and special terminology to spare you the risk of offending your target audience. Our team members are highly qualified and adept at using the most advanced translation technologies in the field, such as CAT tools, QA tools, localization tools, and web development, in addition to any other assisting factor required to deliver an exquisite Hungarian translation service, right, with ease, and with style.      

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