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Audio Translation Services

Europe Localize is armed with the perfect staff of audio translators to help you globalize your audio content easily from one language to the next with professional audio translations accurate to your target language and culture.

Audio Translators, Your Globalization Superhero!

If you’re an audio content creator looking to maximize your influence across different cultures then depending on a capable translation agency is your shortcut. A translation agency can help you translate your audio and make it understandable across different languages but a good translation agency can also help you transcribe your audio, increasing your chances of being discovered and heard. Finding audio translators may not be hard but finding seasoned audio translators who can help you make your voice heard in more languages than what you can speak could pose a challenge.

Audio translation is a complex process that is made up of two main steps, audio transcription, and then audio translation, and your translation agency of choice has to provide both these services with the highest quality. Whether your audio is made of speech, music, or dialogue, you need audio translators you can trust to have their ears trained to catch tone and atmosphere as well as spoken words and that’s where Europe Localize comes in. 

As a translation agency deeply experienced in both audio translation and transcription, we offer script translations that are authentic to the meaning, the culture, and the tone of your original audio. Our audio translators are native language experts trained to listen and transcribe every word of your audio content accurately then translate it to your target languages with the perfect word choice that speaks the most to your foreign audiences.

Audio Transcription To Audio Translation

Audio translation may sound like an effortless task but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Audio translators don’t just listen to your podcasts, speeches, or dialogues and write down perfectly accurate audio translations. They go through a complex process of transcription and then translation and if you so require, turn it back into audio in your target language. These are three separate services that each require a different set of expertise but with Europe Localize, you can get them all done in perfect time with consistent quality through all stages. 

Our translation agency is equipped with audio transcribers who accurately turn every bit of your audio into text to be translated promptly by our audio translators. The process of script translation depends on a mixture of linguistic expertise and cultural awareness from our audio translators, who work on not only translating your audio content but giving it the local flavor that appeals to local audiences easily as if it was originally intended for their ears.

Europe Localize Services

The reason why Europe Localize is a top translation agency in the market is that we provide not only what you need but anything else you might need in the future. Our vision as a comprehensive translation agency is to anticipate the requirements of our clients before they even come up, offering them unwavering support on their way to globalization. We try to do that by providing audio translations but more than that, we provide extensive language solutions to help your business evolve past the local stage and into the global market. Here’s a tiny glimpse at the business-strengthening language solutions we provide:

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Getting script translations for your audio content works in bringing audiences to your door in more than one way. For one, closed captions provided by a professional team of audio translators make your content easy to access and enjoy for people with hearing problems or audiences who want to consume your content in a quiet environment like hospitals or busy places where they can’t hear your content well. 

Script translations also help your content get discovered in different places around the world through SEO. So not only will your audio translations be enjoyed by audiences worldwide but they will be found easily and without trouble by these audiences through international platforms. All you have to do is put your trust in Europe Localize and our translation agency will no doubt be up to the task!

Audio Translation To Reach Global

Your audience is your success and the larger your audience base is, the more accomplished you can be as an audio content creator. The fastest and surest way you can get your audience base to expand is by getting audio translations for as many languages as you can afford. As an international translation agency, Europe Localize offers you audio translations in over 180 languages by expert audio translators who master these languages and have the necessary technical expertise to accurately place their audio translations on your audio content. Here’s a small look at our most requested languages but keep in mind that we cover many more!

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