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Simultaneous Interpretation Services

Europe Localize’s interpretation services can substantially improve your interactions with global business leaders, organizations, and governmental facilities. We provide first-class simultaneous interpreting services and remote simultaneous interpreting services to match your specific needs, offering unmatched price tags. If you need on-site, video, or over-the-phone simultaneous interpretation services just ask Europe Localize for a free quote now and let us help you bypass any language barrier.

What Is a Simultaneous Interpretation Service?

Interpretation services refer to the act of conveying speech from one language to another, relying on the expertise of language-specific experts. Professional interpretation services include many types such as simultaneous interpretation services and consecutive interpretation services amongst many others. 

In simultaneous interpreting services, professional interpreters provide real-time interpretation that takes place whilst one of the participants is speaking to conserve time. This type is primarily used in international conferences and official meetings where the participants are usually on a tight schedule. 

Accurate and Affordable: Simultaneous Interpretation Services You Can Trust

Our interpreters at Europe Localize are highly skilled and fluent in a wide range of languages. They possess in-depth knowledge of various industries, allowing them to deliver spot-on interpretations that ensure nothing gets lost in translation. 

Relying on the best simultaneous interpretation service equipment in the field, including wireless headsets, soundproof booths, and high-quality microphones, we provide a seamless and uninterrupted experience for all participants. Whether it is a high-stakes business meeting, medical conference, or multinational seminar, we guarantee a clear and precise delivery of your message. 

In recognition of our customers’ need for high return on investment rates, we provide competitive prices that are designed to achieve this goal. Our pricing models offer a variety of options to fit any budget without compromising on the quality of our simultaneous interpreting service

We offer flexible packages tailored to the specific needs of your event, ensuring top-notch interpretations at a price that matches your financial plan. 

Over-the-Phone Interpretation (OPI) Services for Your Urgent Demands

Our translation agency offers high-quality remote simultaneous interpretation services to cater to your most urgent demands. We give you instant access to professional interpreters from all over the world, offering 24/7 support. 

Our OPI services are designed to support various domains, including healthcare, legal, business, and many others, delivering unparalleled accuracy and convenience. 

With more than 260 languages at your disposal, you can communicate with anyone, no matter their geographical location or cultural background, with just a click of a button. 

We guarantee a confidential remote simultaneous interpretation service that respects your privacy and keeps your information safe at all times. Request our OPI services now and get your most urgent demands fulfilled. 

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Simultaneous Interpretations Custom-Made for Every Sector

We are ready to assist you in any setting, drawing on a decade-long experience in many domains and industrial fields. Our translators and simultaneous interpreters have undergone extensive training to prove their prowess to offer you the most accurate simultaneous interpretation services in the translation industry. 

Our legal experts will aid you during any legal situation. They are adept in legal terminology and have in-depth knowledge of country-specific laws and rules. Whether you need simultaneous interpretation services for courtrooms, interrogation settings, or important business meetings that require assistance from legal experts with multilingual skills, Europe Localize is here to support you. 

In medical settings, effective communication is regarded as the topmost priority. It ensures patient safety, accurate diagnoses, and quality care. This is why Europe Localize provides medical simultaneous interpretations of the best quality to help bridge the gap between medical professionals and patients from diverse linguistic backgrounds. Call us and book your service immediately. 

The success of your business in the tourism sector is reliant on having access to high-quality and cost-efficient simultaneous interpretation services. Europe Localize will help you interact with your guests more effectively by offering best-in-class interpreters in the travel and tourism domain to simplify your encounters with foreign guests and ensure your service is accommodating to all their needs. 

Step by Step: an Organized Interpretation Process Designed for Emergence

Once we receive an online request or phone call asking for a simultaneous interpretation service, remote simultaneous interpretation service, or simultaneous conference interpreting service, we determine the needs of the customer through meticulous assessment and let them choose from various options related to the subject matter, date, time, and duration of the event, and any other specific preferences. 

We provide a quotation that includes cost estimates, all the required equipment for simultaneous interpreting services, whether remote or on-site, travel expenses, and any other specifics. On approval, we sign an agreement that details all the terms and conditions, including confidentiality clauses. 

We select a suitable simultaneous interpreter as the situation dictates and ensure they are briefed on all the necessary details, including the event’s agenda, specific terminology, and any other information. 

On the due date, our simultaneous interpretation service expert is sent to the location of the event, fully supplied with all the required equipment. Our expert or team of experts provides real-time interpretation based on our agreement, ensuring flawless communication in any language. 

After the client has been served, we contact them for feedback to improve any future service whether with the same client or any other member of our esteemed clientele. 

Our company sends the final invoice to the client, reflecting the agreed-upon costs. Any extra costs will be included in the bill as well, depending on each case. 

Simultaneous Interpretation Services Supported by 260+ Languages

Europe Localize has a large network of professionals that includes expert translators and interpreters. Our far-reaching network has more than 62K linguists who are well-versed in over 260 languages. Those linguists harness their linguistic and cultural knowledge to aid your needs in any situation, providing first-class simultaneous conference interpreting services, remote simultaneous interpretation services, and more. Our list includes: 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Interpretation costs at Europe Localize are decided based on a per-hour or per-minute rate. Even with a seemingly clear criterion, providing fixed costs can prove difficult. This is due to various factors like the language pair, the equipment required, the type of interpretation, and the urgency. However, Europe Localize offers the most competitive prices on the market and ensures a high return on investment for all customers. 

Our translation agency utilizes best-in-class security tools and threat-detecting software to prevent potential hazards and always protect your privacy. Additionally, we sign NDAs that hold us responsible for any public information disclosure without the client’s consent. 

Yes, we do. However, expedited interpretations come at higher prices to provide all the requirements needed and ensure quicker delivery.  

Europe Localize follows the translation and localization standards stated by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) to guarantee the most optimal results on the market. Thus, we deliver superb quality that falls in line with global interpretation standards. 

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