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Norwegian Translation

Europe Localize provides expansive Norwegian translation services to accommodate all your possible needs both personally and in your business to help you reach the international level, depending on certified Norwegian translators of the highest expertise to ensure quality translation.

Engage Your Global Audience With Model Norwegian Translation Services

Norwegian is the official language of Norway, spoken by a population of over five million Norwegian natives. Trusted Norwegian translation services are the way to go to make your way across Europe and into Norway and this is where Europe Localize comes in. We offer you official translation of Norwegian to English services if you want your local business to go global. By hiring a translation agency as capable as Europe Localize, you are guaranteeing translations of the highest quality provided by expert Norwegian translators. Not only do you have the chance to make your local business a global sensation but if you are a foreign business ready to sail into the Nordic market, our Norwegian translation services have got your back.

All-Dialect-Encompassing Norwegian Translation Services

The Norwegian language has multiple dialects that vary in grammar, syntax, and vocabulary. With such complexity, Norwegian translators have to step up their game and develop a comprehensive link between all Norwegian dialects and the natives who speak them. That’s where our Norwegian translation services come in, encompassing all Norwegian dialects with clear understanding. With a team of certified Norwegian language experts at our back, we support your endeavor towards globalization not only on the linguistic level but on the technical level as well. As a certified translation agency, it is our job to provide clients with both general and specialized official translation Norwegian to English and vice versa but our wide range of Norwegian translation services is what sets us apart from the rest.

A Glimpse Into Our Norwegian Translation Services

As a well-regarded Norwegian translation agency, it is Europe Localize’s duty to provide expansive Norwegian translation services that make accommodations based on all your needs. Here’s a hint of some of them:

Transcreation services are the product of the complex process of merging “translation” and “creation” together. While translation is the process of communicating one meaning between two languages, transcreation is more about communicating an abstract idea across minds with space for creative input from our Norwegian translators. After all, wouldn’t your audience appreciate Norwegian translated content that works their minds on the intellectual level instead of arriving at the meaning after the arduous process of translating it?

Video transcription is an essential step to furthering the reach of your business either locally or on a global level. For starters, you can increase the clicks on your videos in Norway if you use Norwegian transcription because a transcribed video is automatically more reachable than one without transcription. Accessibility is another factor to consider because it accommodates a larger base of audience with different capabilities which will strengthen the influence of your content.

Videos are a great way to spread your content because it is by far the most engaging tool for audiences worldwide. Hence, subtitling videos into Norwegian is both a technical and linguistic endeavor. Europe Localize employs Norwegian translators who have the perfect technical expertise to produce perfectly-placed subtitles and ensure their placements are correct both linguistically and technically.

The impact your content will have on a global audience is made infinitely bigger when it’s listened to instead of reading through. This is why our Norwegian translation services encompass the best Norwegian voice-over services. Europe Localize provides professional audio and style to give your content the voice it needs to reach the world.

Desktop publishing software and graphic design programs are at the center of modern market demands. Our job as a Norwegian translation agency that offers official translation Norwegian to English of the highest quality is to employ these means to elevate your business. Norwegian translators at Europe Localize supply professionally localized versions of any material you require like PowerPoint documents, leaflets, or albums to meet your standards.

The internet is the future and to keep up with it, your business must have perfectly designed and written websites. We take care of the written side of things, localizing your websites to different countries and cultures to maximize your international reach. Europe Localize is the trustworthy Norwegian translation agency you need to introduce your business to the global market on a large scale and the Norwegian-speaking market on a slightly smaller scale. Our team of Norwegian translators has the technical expertise to not only localize your website but also engineer and test it to prevent technical issues from appearing in front of your website users.

One of our most requested Norwegian translation services is international marketing. Marketing, as we all know, is the core of every business’s success and when you expand the list of your target audience, your marketing plan can’t be anything less than perfect. Our international marketing services are here to help you translate all details that surround your goods, promote and price them, distribute them along with ideas and services to build a steady flow of income from buyers worldwide.

Norwegian interpretation services are an essential addition to all kinds of events. As one of our most sought Norwegian translation services, Norwegian interpretation services are divided into consecutive and simultaneous interpretation services. Each of them has its own set of rules to follow and their specific uses.

  • Consecutive Interpretation Services

Used mostly in international business conferences, negotiations, press conferences, or court trials, consecutive interpretation translation is a mode of interpretation that allows the interpreter to take notes as the speaker makes a small speech and then interpret it accordingly. This type of interpretation requires a moderate amount of calculation and a huge amount of skill, both abundant in our staff of Norwegian translators.

  • Simultaneous Interpretation Services

Large and international business conferences, business summits, and board meetings require interpretation that depends heavily on speed and wit. Simultaneous interpretation fits the bill, allowing a bigger room for verbal understanding between all participants. An official translation Norwegian to English is the objective of our Norwegian interpreters and they have achieved it more than once.

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Serving all industries and giving their business owners a chance to deliver their services is our main concern as a respectable Norwegian translation agency and we do exactly that with our Norwegian translation services. We cater to all the industries you may be involved in, delivering certified official translation Norwegian to English. Here are some of the most sought-after industries according to our clientele requests:

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