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Latvian Translation Services

If you are looking for a Latvian translator to engage customers in Latvia professionally and confidently, then look no further than Europe Localize. As one the best translation agencies in Europe, we offer the finest Latvian translation services, designed so the process can be quick and effortless. Let us be your trusted partner in bridging the language gap and embark on your journey to success now!

Europe Localize: A Latvian Translation Agency Housing Hundreds of Expert Latvian Translators

As a member of the Baltic branch of the Indo-European family of languages, Latvian is the primary language in Latvia, and other places like Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Belarus, and Canada, which accounts for a number of approximately 2.2 million speakers. 

That being said, Europe Localize is home to more than 16,000 language specialists and subject-matter experts who have the means and the know-how to deliver prestigious Latvian translation services, designed to take your business to new heights on a global scale. 

Our Latvian translators have cultivated their knowledge through years of hard work and dedication, driven by their passion and their commitment to bridging the communication gaps between nations. 

This means that no matter what kind of Latvian translation services you need, or which dialect you want help with, be it Eastern or Western Latvian, we assure you that our Latvian translators are qualified enough to handle it with ease and sweeping quality.

Our Latvian translators can provide you with translations from Latvian to English and vice versa, in addition to a number of other language pairs that include Latvian. Have a look at some of the language combinations our Latvian translation agency supports: 

A Certified Latvian Translation Agency of All Trades

At Europe Localize, we are always pleased to help our customers in every way possible and in every field there is. Our Latvian translators and discipline-specific experts are equipped with enough knowledge to provide Latvian translation services that cater to all industries. 

As a top Latvian translation agency and one of the few translation agencies in Europe that provide high-quality Latvian translation services, we help thousands of satisfied world-class organizations and individuals achieve their goals in global and local markets. 

With over a decade of experience in the translation industry, we have built a reputation for excellence through many challenges. This has given us the trust of many industry-leading establishments like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and others. 

We are also a certified Latvian translation agency, which means that all our high-quality Latvian translation services comply with all the translation and localization industry standards by ISO, including Quality Management Standards, Translation Services Standards, and Quality Metric Standards. 

Our Latvian translation agency offers you a list of Latvian translation services that is continuously expanding to keep up with all the industries’ ever-changing demands. Here is a glimpse of the industries that we support:

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Latvian Legal Document Translation Services

As one of the top translation agencies in Europe, Europe Localize delivers fast and accurate Latvian legal document translation services. If you are a law firm, a corporation, a start-up business, or even an individual who is looking for partners who know their way around the Latvian language like the back of their hands, then Europe Localize is your answer. Our language experts and legal consultants are always ready to help you with any legal document you need translated. This includes business contracts, partnership agreements, trademark assignments, leases, and more. As a resourceful Latvian translation agency, we accept all kinds of documents. This means PDF, MS Word, PowerPoint, or even InDesign are all options that are on the table. Now that you know, all you have to do is contact us and get your Latvian translation services done right.

Frequently Asked Questions about Our Translation Services

Besides providing Latvian translation services, our agency specializes in over 160 languages and has access to thousands of translators that are located all over the world.

We offer our customers the best rates in the market. Our pricing for Latvian translation services is based on a per-word rate, which varies depending on the source and target languages, and the industry. But once a request is approved, we guarantee that there are no other catches. 

Our Latvian translators are the best in their game. They are equipped with the industry’s most advanced software tools, which facilitates a working capacity of over 800,000 words in as little as five working days.

As a professional Latvian translation agency, we believe that integrity and reputation are everything. This is why we carefully handle all our customers’ information with care. Our systems are constantly updated and checked to eliminate the risks of information leakage, as we are aware of the damage it could cause to our client’s business.

We are a certified Latvian translation agency that abides by global standards. We also offer our customers an instant free quote when they request our Latvian translation services or any other language translation services before we carry on to the next step.  

We utilize the world’s latest translation software tools to amplify the process of translation and ensure that our work meets every industry’s terminology. Our kit includes CAT tools like SDL Trados Studio, MemoQ, Idiom, Wordfast Pro, and others.

Our requesting process runs like butter! All you have to do is press on the yellow “Get a Quote” button at the top and fill in your information. Once your request is received, one of our brilliant team members will contact you and walk you through the important details. When all is done and settled, we assign a dedicated team of our best Latvian translators and get your project running.

Latvian Translation Agency

Latvian Medical Translation Services That You Can Trust

Finding a dependable translation agency in Europe is no easy task, especially when you are looking for Latvian medical translations, but as one of the top, Europe Localize helps the world’s top companies in the medical field reach their audience easily and with confidence. Our Latvian translation agency provides Latvian medical translation services that encompass medical patents and intellectual property documents, medical device user manuals, medical research papers, and even patient medical records in over 260 languages with accuracy and budget-friendly prices.

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