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Website Translation

These days, no serious nor professional company will skip publishing their website in multiple language. Customers demand maximum quality of a product or service as well as beyond maximum support after purchasing the said product or service. That is why you need website translation services and website localization services.

Why You Need Website Translation?

Because the competition is fierce, your website must stand out and be unique within millions. Otherwise, a potential buyer will switch sides to another product in no time. Localizing your website and product increases your chances of reaching more buyers and converting them into loyal customers. We as a localization services providers can offer marketing translation services to ensure that your website is completely tailored to your target market and you get served the perfect website localization services.

However, keep in mind that an unprofessionally localized website or product can backfire. In-country cultural sensitivity, inconsistent translation of help guides that accompany your product, or layout issues during website translation due to a change in script or length of text during translation process can all harm your image and identity as a professional and trustworthy company in the eyes of your international customers.

These issues are simple to identify and resolve with the assistance of Europe Localize. We, as a website translation services provider, sport a team of engineers and testers who will assist you in preparing your website for international release as well as performing localization testing to ensure that the localized version of your website is functional, linguistically correct, consistent, and that displays are correctly formatted across regional platforms with varying settings.



What You Need in a Translated Website?

Website translation process can be a complex task that necessitates careful planning, preparation, and coordination among all teams and phases. In a nutshell, it entails extracting your original content and translating it into the target language while leaving the original coding of your website or software intact. The original content is then replaced with the localized version, which must be tested before release to ensure that the Graphic User Interface (GUI) is free of errors, the User Assistance (UA) functions properly, and the localized website is linguistically appropriate.


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What We Offer?

You don’t have to be a global behemoth with an army of engineers and testers on hand to provide website localization services professionally and affordably. All you need is Europe Localize! We got your back. Many small and medium-sized businesses, as well as large software tycoons were way above satisfied with our localization services. We hand you a mirror-copy of your native website because we test the localized version for final publishing.

On the other hand, website translation services cost can be high and way out of budget. But that’s not the case in Europe Localize. Get us on the line and we will create a custom solution for your website localization needs.

Our localization testing focuses on, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Untranslated text or mistranslations
  • Incorrect layout or display such as misalignment or overlapping icons or images
  • Text overlap and overflow
  • Oversized dialogue boxes
  • Bugs related to the functionality of web applications
  • Missing fonts necessary to display special target language characters
  • Mistaken graphics replacement
  • Incorrect formatting, such as punctuation, dates or numbers
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