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Elite Translation and Localization Services in Canada

If you are looking for professional online and in-country translation agencies in Canada, now is the time to sign up with Europe Localize, your one trusted partner for high-quality translation and localization services.

Europe Localize: Accurate, Quick, and Cost-effective Translation Services

Looking for top translation agencies in Canada should be your first step for your brand, especially if you are a foreigner willing to communicate with a new audience or a native who wants to send a message beyond the borders. 

Acclaimed as one of the best translation agencies in Europe, Europe Localize’s vast network of resources reaches far to North America and various other places around the world, making sure that no client’s translation and localization services demands are left unanswered. 

Our international customers like Microsoft, Google, Bybit, Glooko, and other startup businesses vouch for our accurate translation services that helped them reach new customers all over the world. We have also helped many individuals get their translation needs done in no time and with no hassle. 

We are pleased to offer all our translation and localization services quickly, maintaining the highest levels of quality that you could check for yourself by requesting a free quote before getting to business. 

As one of the best translation agencies in Canada, Europe, and the world, all our services are delivered with a variety of budget-friendly options to suit all our clientele’s needs and requirements. We offer special discounts on large volumes and work hand in hand with our customers to ensure everything is designed to suit their tastes. 

Your Trusted Translation Agency in Canada for Document Translations

Do you want to translate your contracts, marketing materials, forms, birth certificates, or anything else? Our top translation agency in Canada is willing to help you do all that easily and effectively. 

Indeed, Europe Localize hasn’t invented document translation and localization services, but we are proud to be the ones to redefine it. We deliver high-quality document translation services, powered by the industry’s most recent AI technologies and the most skilled language experts in the field to reduce your costs and raise your return on investment (ROI). 

We are happy to accept all formats of documents, including PDFs, MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, Text files, InDesign, and more. Contact Europe Localize today, and stay ahead of your game with one of the top translation agencies in Canada

A Professional Legal Translation Agency in Canada

If you are a law firm or a global enterprise, you surely deal with a handful of legal documents daily that require someone who knows their way around legal terminologies by heart. Thus, you need Europe Localize to achieve excellence. 

Our translation agency in Canada has some of the world’s best legal subject-matter experts, who have years of training experience in the field that allows them to navigate through legal documents like the back of their hands. They are ready to design accurate translations that would exempt you from any worries you might carry, considering the sensitivity of the subject. 

Our data storing systems are highly secure and are constantly updated to prevent any malicious breaches, keeping your information safe at all times. 

We are glad to offer you several legal translation and localization services at our translation agency in Canada, including: 

Comprehensive Literary Translation Services

Literary translation is regarded as one of the most complex branches of translation since it demands high analytical skills and a thorough understanding of the source material. 

Our translation agencies in Canada, Europe, the USA, and everywhere else are home to avid readers and language experts who will transfer your content’s message accurately and with ease. 

We have served renowned authors, publishers, and literary agencies in Canada, and aided them by translating their works from French and English to all other languages, giving their voices a chance to resonate with new audiences and reach new horizons of 100% success. 

Being one of the top translation agencies in Canada, we offer our clients all literary translation and localization services for eBooks, websites, social media content, desktop publishing, proofreading, and cultural consulting.   

The Best Medical Translation Agency in Canada

Europe Localize is one of the top translation agencies in Canada, specializing in medical translation and localization services. Since medical documents need extreme delicacy in handling their content, you need a professional translation services provider like Europe Localize to help you get the job done right. 

Our office and translation agency in Canada offers you certified translation services you can trust that encompass medical reports, patient consent forms, pharmaceutical packaging and labeling, medical device instructions, and medical research papers. Contact Europe Localize now to know more about our medical translation services, and ask for your free quote. 

All Translation and Localization Services to Keep You Ahead!

As an experienced translation agency in Europe that has offices everywhere, including our top translation agency in Canada, Europe Localize has enough knowledge and resources to satisfy your English and French translation needs from A to Z. Have a look at our extensive list of translation and localization services while you are here: 

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Benefits You Get from a Top Translation Agency in Canada

Our teams work around the clock to maximize the efforts and make sure that you are always served on time. Our dedicated customer support agents and team managers are happy to explain anything you need and answer all your inquiries to put your mind at ease. 

Flexibility is one quality you should always consider when looking for a business partner. This is why no matter how big or what the project is, as one of the best translation agencies in Canada, Europe Localize is glad to let you know that we are fully equipped to deal with any situation professionally and efficiently to deliver translations tailored just for you. 

As one of the best translation agencies in Europe and Canada, Europe Localize has some of the largest translation memories in all disciplines, which help us to keep a smooth workflow, meet tight deadlines, and work with a capacity of over 800,000 translated words in as little as 5 working days. 

Our translation and localization services are based on per-word, per-hour, and other flexible pricing plans to suit every customer’s need. However, we guarantee that our prices and discounts are the best in the translation market, giving you a chance to have exquisite quality with the least money possible. 

Our translation agencies in Europe, Canada, and all over provide certified translations that are accepted by governmental and non-governmental institutions. All our translation and localization services are in compliance with ISO global standards. So with us, quality is 100% guaranteed. 

All our translation and localization services are provided by first-class translators, interpreters, and subject-matter specialists. Our translation agencies in Canada and everywhere around the world are home to thousands of linguists with elite qualities and steadfast dedication to their work. With Europe Localize, we promise you nothing but the best. 

Europe Localize offers you a long list of languages to choose from for your next project. Whether you need English, French, Arabic, German, Chinese, Russian, or even Zulu, we have got it all covered with a flawless understanding of all languages, dialects, and accents.

Translation Agencies in Canada

All Languages, Everywhere, All the Time

Europe Localize gives you access to a team of native translators and multilingual language experts who are ready to serve all your needs in over 180 languages. If you call our translation agency in Canada today, you get to choose the language combinations you need from a list that includes: 

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