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Localization Services

No need to mention that good localization services would be impossible without an industry expert localization services provider who can know your case, study it, and provide the best solution. And we, as one of the top translation and localization companies, have a team of consultants who have worked on a diverse range of projects in their field and industry, and they understand the ins, outs, and arounds of a proper localization cycle.

What We Offer?

Europe Localize understands that localization may appear difficult to someone with no experience, and if you are one of those people, you probably don’t know where to begin or what you are in for! But don’t worry, my dear. Because no matter what product or service your company provides, we are prepared to discuss it with you, identify your needs, select the best localization strategies and tools, and provide you with a tailor-fit plan that meet the need. The Account Manager and Project Managers will walk you through the entire process, from translation, localization, and multimedia management to desktop publishing and terminology management. They will keep you updated at every stage of the localization services provided to you and ensure that the project is completed on time and on budget!

We sport the pride to be known as one of the best localization services providers because of the variety of industries we have worked with and the number of satisfied clients whose localization efforts have turned into success stories. Whether you need a localization company or looking on the localization services list to comply with legal requirements in the US, reach new markets in Asia or Eastern Europe, or perform website translation services, the native linguists and localization consulting experts at Europe Localize will work directly with your team to make decisions on aspects such as language choices, dialects, launch schedules, and cultural nuances, providing excellent localization services.

On the other hand, our professionals skillfully adapt to the changing needs of customers across industry sectors, and they have the knowledge and expertise to advise you on complex legal, medical, or academic subjects in wide range of languages, spanning even wider range of language combinations with accuracy, precision, and accountability. They will help you achieve your localization goals and exceed expectations for the translation and localization services that are provided.

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What are the Fields We Localize?

The various localization services we provide also include software localization. The process of adapting software to the linguistic, cultural, and technical requirements of the end user’s location is known as software localization. It includes measurement standards, video and graphic design, and other types of content development. With the help of skilled software localization services, the final content development will function as if it were designed in the user’s home country. This smooth transition is critical for software localization.

Moreover, We, as one of the leading games localization companies, have the solution for games Localization needs and all of its components. Europe Localize is able to handle games localization projects from A to Z such as scripts, soundtracks, and graphics that are tailored to the target culture. That’s why we go down as a leader in games localization services. We have a long experience of games localization and translation. Computer games, online games, console games, or mobile games. You name it! We provide a comprehensive range of high-quality language services for games localization, including translation, transcreation, voice over, and game QA testing.

So, don’t put it off any longer! send us an inquiry or a Request for Proposal and let’s get started on your localization project!

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