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Professional Literary Translators

Access new markets abroad and increase the number of revenue streams with Europe Localize’s literary translation and book translation services. We help publishers communicate with audiences beyond their native language speakers, offering accurate and affordable novel translation services among other book language services designated to enrich cultural interaction between different nations. Request help from Europe Localize today and receive premium services from our top-rated literary translators.

Extended Global Reach Guaranteed by Certified Literary Translators

Literary works provide a window into different cultures, viewpoints, and experiences. Translating literary works into different languages contributes to creating an atmosphere of harmony and coexistence between nations. However, to ensure such things, you first need someone with enough cultural knowledge and linguistic proficiency to bridge the gap between people and help deliver an accurate picture. You need Europe Localize. 

At Europe Localize, we work with first-rate literary translators with enough credentials and certificates that prove their competency in literary translation. After investing years of training and studying to understand different cultures and increase their language skills, they are hired here to lend you a hand in delivering your work to as many people as possible, extending your global reach and guaranteeing your success worldwide. 

Our professionals are well-versed in translating all kinds of literary works, including novels, poetry, short story collections, essays, and even academic critiques. Whether you need English, French, Arabic, or Spanish book translation services, Europe Localize’s certified experts are on standby to provide assistance. 

Tech-Supported Literary Proofreading Services Designed for Quick Deployment

While accuracy is highly important to build trust and ensure integrity, following traditional manual methods to ensure that accuracy could take a while which is not something favored by our rapidly growing world. Therefore, Europe Localize resorts to utilizing super-advanced software tools to deliver quick results and maintain high quality when handling literary works. 

Our literary translators harness the power of cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) technology to simplify the proofreading process after going through the translation phase. Such tools rely on smart algorithms and machine learning capabilities that provide unparalleled speed and accuracy in processing literary texts and detecting any inaccuracies throughout the body of work. 

Our systems are trained to identify and fix any grammatical, punctuation, spelling, syntactical, and style mistakes that could misrepresent your message. Thus, we ensure thorough and precise literary proofreading services for your works of any genre or complexity, no matter the language in demand. 

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A Comprehensive Solution to All Your Literary Translation Demands

Europe Localize delivers a versatile literary translation service that is designed to fulfill all your demands. By having a large network of associates and translation professionals, we give you access to a variety of book translation services you can choose from depending on your most dire needs. Our list includes the following: 

The linguistic integrity of your content comes as a priority. However, the way it is represented to your audience is just as important, if not more so, since books are judged by their covers at first sight. Europe Localize’s literary translators and desktop publishers combine their efforts to choose the most suitable layouts to compliment your narrative and enhance readability for readers, making sure that the final outcome is stunning enough to best represent your work. 

Promoting your masterpiece is the first and most important step in introducing your newly crafted work to your audience. It could make or break your experience. This is why you need talented linguists with a strong literary sense and unmatched cultural knowledge to convey your book’s voice to whichever culture you are targeting. Our translators will ensure a successful marketing campaign to pave the way for your work’s grand success globally. 

When it comes to machine translation in the literary domain, one can’t expect top-tier results since machines still have a long way to go before fully imitating human skills in that department. Europe Localize’s human literary translators deliver best-in-class machine translation post-editing services to eliminate any inconsistencies and ensure a favorable reception of your literary work. 

Step by Step We Take Your Hand to Assured Global Emergence

Once our translation agency receives a client’s request for a novel translation service, short story translation service, or any sort of book translation service via e-mail or our website, we contact them to discuss the details.

Our team provides the client with a free quote after a thorough content evaluation. As soon as we receive approval on the offer, we get to work immediately.

Based on the genre of your book and after understanding the material by checking every section, we assign a team of the most competent literary translators to handle the task. 

One of our dedicated project managers divides the work among team members and makes the necessary preparations to ensure a smooth translation process.

Our translations undergo a multilayered review process by a group of expert literary translators, proofreaders, and subject-matter specialists who draw on the advanced features enabled by technological aids to ensure consistency and accuracy across the entire project. 

We add any modifications and additions to our translation and localization projects based on the client’s feedback to make sure that the result matches their needs. 

We return the final product to our client ready for instant use. We offer ongoing support even after the translation or localization process to maintain a presentable image for the client’s work worldwide. 

Book Translation Services Available in 260+ Languages

Translate your books into more than 260 languages with Europe Localize’s expert literary translators. With more than ten years of literary translation experience under their belt, our translators have the capacity and the knowledge to handle any literary text of any genre. Whether you need novel translation services, poetry translation services, or something else, rest assured that Europe Localize has your back. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Total costs for literary works are decided based on a per-word or per-page rate. Even with a seemingly clear criterion, costs could still vary depending on the language pair, the deadline, the complexity, and other details. 

Our translation agency utilizes best-in-class security tools and threat-detecting software to prevent potential hazards and protect your privacy at all times. Additionally, we sign NDAs that hold us responsible for any public information disclosure without the client’s consent. 

Yes, we do. However, expedited book translation services come at higher prices to provide all the requirements needed to ensure quicker turnaround times. 

Europe Localize follows the translation and localization standards stated by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) to ensure the most optimal literary translation results in the market. 

Yes, we do. Computer-assisted tools (CAT) allow us to increase productivity and ensure a streamlined translation process. Relying on their many features, we are capable of translating over 800,000 words per 5 working days without compromising on the translation quality. 

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