E-commerce, Business & International Trade

Economical exchange is one of the areas where cultures and languages interact with each other the most. While it might seem that English is the language of business, very often this is no longer the case and we guarantee that today’s demand for translation of business contracts, correspondence, claims, import and export documents, customs declarations and regulations covers just about every language across the globe. Let us know what sort of document or website you need translating or localising and our consultants will guide you through our services.

Mining, Petroleum & Metallurgy Industries

The mining and petroleum industry is one of our main areas of expertise. We have been translating documents such as concessions, contacts and other bilateral agreements related to the mining field since we set up Europe Localize. Thanks to our strong ties with Middle Eastern countries, the legal and technical side of metallurgy-related translation has always formed a key part of our services. Our technical linguists are specialised in translating manuals for heavy machinery used in mining and metal processing technologies, gas extraction, production and manufacturing, refinery and petroleum products as well as many others.

Civil Engineering & Construction Industry

Our Technical Translation team is very familiar with the construction industry and the technicalities of the relevant documentation. They process and translate thousands of words of instructions, plans, drawings and town planning studies on a daily basis. After translation, we always seek out the expert advice of professionals working in the industry. They review the translation in terms of how it meets industry standards and regulations

Marketing and Market research

Europe Localize is happy to be the translation and localisation company of choice for many global and local brands across the world. Our transcreation services include localisation of marketing messages, such as advertisements, posters and social media posts; localisation of marketing materials, such as leaflets, presentations and catalogues; as well as localisation of graphics. We also provide voice-over, dubbing and subtitling services for our commercials. Our translators are familiar with the translation of marketing studies, analyses, questionnaires and other types of materials related to the marketing field.

Transport and Shipping

Our experience covers a wide range of automotive and shipping texts, covering air, rail, marine and land transport. We translate construction manuals, technical sheets, transportation instructions, user manuals, articles, catalogues, safety instructions, shipbuilding plans and documents, manufacturing documentation, to mention just a few.

Software Localisation

It’s difficult to imagine an industry or domain of life that wouldn’t need software or an app. The list is endless; the medical industry, public administration, tourism, banking and finance, manufacturing, or even agricultural industries use software in one way or another. For over 6 years, we have been localising and testing thousands of programmes and applications, starting from European languages and gradually expanding our language expertise to reach over 150 languages today. Software localisation and software internationalisation allows you to reach more customers around the world. Whatever your specialisation, be sure that we can localise your product and services into any required language.

Games Localisation

Here at Europe Localize, we understand the challenges of electronic and online games localisation. It’s not just about video game localisation and translating user guides and User Interface (UI), each game also needs to be tested after localisation and many of them require the involvement of voice actors in order to replace source dialogues and soundtracks in the target language. As you want to upscale your game, you need to ensure you maintain high quality and ease-of-use for your customers. You can trust us to translate your instructions and user manuals accurately and provide suitable voice overs with the language adapted and transcreated for its audience.

Our translators are experience in a variety of software necessary for your games localisation, whether it’s IOS, Android, Windows and whether you’re designing a game for use on a mobile or desktop device.

Legal Translation

We have a highly experienced team of certified legal translators who have been dealing with texts from all legal fields for years. Whether you need to use translation services for international legal documents, public administration documents, patents, arbitration, power of attorney or police operations, we are here for you. Send us your document and we will handle it with the highest confidentiality.


Military strategy and defense is a highly specialised discipline and one which requires precision and considerable knowledge. Our experienced specialist translators have in-depth knowledge of military science, technical terms, abbreviations, hierarchical structures and the relevant legal issues. A bad translation could be fatal and here at Europe Localize we understand the need for unquestionable accuracy. Our team understands to what extent military terminology can vary across countries and cultures, whether it’s technical vocabulary, abbreviations or idioms. If you need translation, transcription or editing of training outlines, weaponry instructions, legal documents, or anything else, we are ready to guarantee you the best quality translation with the highest confidentiality.


We provide specialist telecommunication translations that are tailored to your communication needs on the global scale. We can help you customise products for a range of markets and audiences and help you contact your customers in the most targeted and tailored manner. Our translators are experience in a range of software, including Android, IOS and Windows and can help you translate and localise your content whether it’s designed for a mobile device or a desktop device. Get in touch today for a quote from one of our consultants!

Information Technology

We hardly need to tell you the importance of IT today - indeed, it’s hard to find a task that won’t involve some sort of information technology these days. But if you want to expand your business or launch a new initiative, not making the most of this IT could set you back. Our translators have vast experience in translating and adapting software as well as technical translations that you may need for marketing IT products and services including translating user manuals and regulations. We can update your website, add a video or transcreate and localise your brand to target a new audience. Our terminology management specialists will also make sure your brand stays consistent even while expanding around the globe and that it is communicated clearly and effectively. For any IT-related translation localisation needs, make sure to get in touch with us today !


If you’re not operating at the global level as an automotive company, you might lose out to other competitors. We are here to offer you professional and experienced translators who can help you open new production centres, target a new potential market or deal with legal necessities of financial and environmental regulation. With the necessary technical expertise, our translators can provide translations of legal documentation, marketing translation and transcreation and terminology management to ensure your brand is communicated clearly and effectively. Europe Localize is here to give you translation localisation services that will meet all your deadlines and all your criteria. Just get in touch!

Banking and Finance

We have a strong expertise in banking and finance here at Europe Localize and you will be working with our specialist translators to ensure the highest level of accuracy. Clear communication is vital when dealing with shareholders and international markets, and our translators will make sure you can say exactly what you want to say, no detail lost. We can offer you financial translation, transcreation and consulting to assist with marketing strategy and suitable multimedia content production. We understand the need for speed in the banking and finance world and you can be sure that we will help you meet your deadlines. Whether it’s about regulations, economic conditions, technology or dealing with customers, Europe Localize is here to help !

Customer Care

Here at Europe Localize, we value customer care more than anything else, so our translators are perfectly positioned to understand your needs and concerns. With customer care in particular comes the importance of paying attention to cultural sensitivities in style and content. You may need voice recordings for customer care services over the phone, FAQs translated and transcreated, website localisation or legal translations to make sure your customers know their rights. Whatever your query, get in touch today and we’ll get a consultant to contact you as soon as possible.

Industrial Manufacturing

With industrial manufacturing comes a multitude of factors to think about in order to give you a competitive edge; machinery and operations manuals, websites and videos, regulations, marketing, communication and training programmes are but a few. Our native speakers, armed with considerable technical experience, will be able to help you ensure clarity and consistency across your brand, using terminology management and high quality translation. We also know that you’re likely to be thinking globally to grow your brand as much as possible. Our sector specialists can help you communicate your message effectively around the world in any language. As skilled linguists, they will be able to transcreate your message and ensure it is localised so that it will be accurately understood in the target language.


Are you trying to find a way or attracting more customers to your brand, or are you thinking of making your business international? Whatever your ambition is, our expert team are ready to provide creative solutions that build on multimedia production and artwork as well as localisation transcreation services to target your specific audience.

Travel and Hospitality

You may have the best hotel there is, but without an accurate transcreation that is tailored to your target audience, you may find it empty. If you are offering cultural tours, great food or amazing deals, our localisation translation services can help you get your message across and get people through the doors. This may be for brochures, leaflets and websites or for your new video and great artwork showing off all your company has to offer. Whatever it is, get in touch and one of our consultants will be in touch shortly!


Our Science Translation Department offers translation services and professional expertise in a wide range of scientific fields such as energy production and consumption, medicine and medical technology and cosmetics and personal care. Our linguists translate numerous clinical studies, registration and regulatory documentation for medical devices and products, patent and utility models and other medical and scientific texts daily. Other areas in which we are experiences are dentistry, genetics, health care and dermatology. Whether you work in healthcare, medical research or renewable energy, give us a call to find out more about our expertise.

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