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Go High and Beyond with the Best eLearning Localization Services

With over a decade of experience in providing translation and localization services, Europe Localize is now the number one choice for world-class multinational companies for an eLearning content localization service done properly. Choose one of the best translation agencies in Europe now, and give your business a well-deserved boost!

Elevate Your eLearning Content with Thorough Localization Services

With the emergence of the technological boom in the early 2000s, it was only a matter of time before people embraced the spirit of the century and benefited from it in all aspects of life.

One of the fruits of such a boom was digitizing training and teaching materials to facilitate the learning experience for employees, customers, and students, through the phenomenon now commonly known as eLearning. 

As time went on, another need rose that necessitated matching the technological breakthrough with an old form of art to spread knowledge to as many places and people as possible, breaking the barriers between nations and crossing the limits. This art is the art of translation. This is where you need Europe Localize for the best eLearning content localization service

Europe Localize is regarded by over 16 thousand global customers as the safest go-to in comparison with other translation agencies in Europe, for the sheer amount of dedication and care we put into our work. We provide eLearning localization services, in addition to other translation and localization services, in over 180 languages. 

Our eLearning localization services are offered at the most competitive prices so that you won’t have to worry about spending more than you should, and are also designed specifically for your needs with extra care and extra speed, without compromising the quality of our localization services

Our language experts and discipline-specific specialists are veterans who have years of training in the translation and localization industry and are willing to guide you through the process from A to Z to ensure delivering more than satisfactory eLearning localization services for your brand. 

If you have been searching for too long, now your search is over because with Europe Localize you will have your translation and localization services done in no time, and with the highest quality in the market. Call us now and embark on your journey to the top! 

eLearning Localization Services for High-performing Employees

Are you a business owner who is looking for new, innovative ways to train your employees abroad effectively and with low costs? Europe Localize has got just the answer for your needs. 

Whether you need your training materials localized to French, Spanish, Arabic, or any other language, we assure you that our localization services cover all that while carefully minding the subtleties and quirks of each language to help deliver culturally-specific eLearning localization services

As one of the best eLearning content localization service providers, we are glad to offer you voice-over localization services for your asynchronous learning material so that your employees can learn according to their own preferred pace. 

We also offer our customers real-time simultaneous and consecutive interpretation services for their synchronous virtual and physical sessions, sparing your instructor the extra effort while trying to communicate with your international employees. With Europe Localize, there is no limit to what is possible! 

Educational eLearning Localization Services

If you are a teacher or an educational institute that is looking for revolutionary methods to enhance foreign students’ interactive experience, then look no further than Europe Localize; the most competent translation agency in Europe

Europe Localize offers your eLearning software systems a full package of localization services to help your students become active learners within your class, by localizing your multimedia material, including texts, videos, recordings, or even pictures in over 180 languages. 

In case you need website localization for your eLearning content, including online quizzes, digital modules, eBooks, or anything else, all you have to do is contact Europe Localize now, and have instant access to our excellent eLearning localization services

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Power Your eLearning Localization Services by Advanced Localization Technology

Since we are talking about technological breakthroughs, there is no need to mention how crucial the role localization software tools play in enhancing an eLearning content localization service.  

At Europe Localize, our teams are well-trained to use the industry’s latest localization tools, reducing the pressure on our manpower, while also ensuring exquisite, coherent results. Our kit of software tools includes SDL Passolo, Alchemy Catalyst, Star Transit, Microsoft Helium, Microsoft LocStudio, and Microsoft Envelope in addition to many others. 

For comprehensive eLearning localization services delivery, we rely on other tools for designing and graphic-editing purposes such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe PageMaker, Adobe Photoshop, and more. 

eLearning Localization Services

eLearning Localization Services for Extra Creativity!

Many international advertising agencies, design studios, publishing companies, and video game developers rely on Europe Localize as one of the top translation agencies in Europe for optimal localization services.

We help power your digital content with carefully designed translation and localization services for your eLearning content to help your employees engage better with your brand’s know-how in all languages and your customers to better understand your brand’s philosophy in their own tongue. 

If you are a game developer who needs to train your international employees on programming, game design 3D modeling, or if you are an advertising agency eager to communicate with your foreign graphic designers effectively, with professionally localized and custom-designed eLearning content, contact Europe Localize and get the best eLearning content localization service in town!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Localization services target adapting specific content such as eLearning material into one language or more so that it could meet specific cultural, linguistic, and other needs of a target audience.   

Europe Localize offers its customers the market’s most competitive prices that are measured based on per-word rates, in addition to other elements that include source and target languages, the length of audiovisual materials, such as videos, and the complexity of the project. 

Yes, we offer all our clients expedited services that come at extra costs. Our teams are equipped with the best technologies that allow them to meet tight schedules and deliver the most exemplary eLearning content localization service in the world. 

Easy! Visit our website and fill in your information by clicking on the “Get a Quote” button, or simply contact us via one of the many ways listed down below and we will be ready to serve you as soon as we receive your request. 

eLearning Localization Services

eLearning Localization Services in 180+ Languages

Europe Localize has one of the best translation teams in Europe and the world. Our native translators, interpreters, voice talents, and subject-matter experts are dedicated to their passion, having knowledge in all languages there are to deliver top-notch translation and localization services

At Europe Localize we offer eLearning translation services in languages that include and are not limited to: 

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