About Us

Our company

Europe Localize is a Translation and Localisation service company offering its clients innovative localisation solutions. We prioritise customer-satisfaction and process-improvement, complying with all localisation industry standards: ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Standards, ISO 17100:2015 Translation services standard, SAE J2450 Quality Metric Standards, Certified team for ITIL foundation and planning, Process improvement team according to Lean six sigma standards.

Our vision

To become the most innovative and creative market leader of localization and translation managed services provider in the world.

Our mission

Providing a premiere translation and localization services to help our business partners all over the world overcome the culture barriers when reaching their targeted customers, through our talented, creative, and well-trained teams using the most updated localization methodologies, tools and systems worldwide.

Our passion

At Europe Localize, we are passionate about the translation and localisation industry because of its diversity and its capacity to have a real impact; we bridge gaps between cultures, link companies with their customers, facilitate the exchange of ideas internationally and publicise local achievements for the benefit of the global community.

What makes us different?

Compliance with ISO standards and ITIL framework assures not only the extremely high quality of our localisation and translation services, but also the efficiency of our project management and our consistent customer satisfaction. Our Account Management Team consists of consultants who will quickly identity your specific needs and our Project Management Team is designed to work in close partnership with you, the customer, assisting wherever they can with their technical expertise. Our localisation and translation services are set up and managed according to the ITIL framework, guaranteeing you the highest responsiveness and effectiveness of our staff. It ensures you have the smooth and stress-free cooperation you need.
Our Standards & Quality
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